The "Canis Major" upgrade guide (v1.* to v2.0.1) at block height 922,363:

For a full overview of the latest upgrades, please refer to "Notes on network upgrades".


The chain-maind v2.0.1 - Canis Major upgrade is completed at block height 922,363

For those who want to enjoy the automatic upgrade managed by cosmovisor, please follow this cosmovisor guide for the coming "Canis Major" network upgrade. Otherwise, please continue below manual upgrade steps.

Step 0 - Don't panic

Once you have started syncing the blockchain from block 1 by using v1.* binary, at the point of reaching block height 922,363, user will see the following error message on the chain-maind:

ERR UPGRADE "v2.0.0" NEEDED at time: 2021-06-01T23:59:00Z: {"binaries":{"darwin/amd64":"","darwin/arm64":"","linux/amd64":"","linux/arm64":"","windows/amd64":""}}

Validators and full node hosts will have to upgrade your Cronos PoS Chain nodes to the v2.0.1 binary.

Step 1 - Get the v2.0.1 binary

To simplify the following step, we will be using Linux for illustration. Binary for Mac and Windows are also available.

  • Terminate the chain-maind; afterwards, download the v2.0.1 released binaries from github:

    $ curl -LOJ
    $ tar -zxvf chain-main_2.0.1_Linux_x86_64.tar.gz

    Remarks: If you have stated chain-maind with systemd service, kindly stop it by

    $ sudo systemctl stop chain-maind

    And replace the binary in the location where the ExecStart states in Systemd Unit file.

  • For homebrew users, simply run

    $ brew upgrade chain-maind

Step 1.1 - Verify the version

You can verify the installation by checking the version of chain-maind, the latest version is 2.0.1.

# check the version of chain-maind
$ ./chain-maind version

Step 2. - Run everything

We are ready to start the node join the network again with the new binary:

  • Start chain-maind, e.g.:

  $ ./chain-maind start

Sit back and wait for the syncing process. You can query the node syncing status by

$ ./chain-maind status 2>&1 | jq '.SyncInfo.catching_up'

If the above command returns false, it means that your node is synced; otherwise, it returns true and implies your node is still catching up.

Getting ready - "DRACO II" second netwrok upgrade

At last step, you've successfully performed the "Canis Major" binary upgrade! Allow sometime for the node to catch up, meanwhile, you can get ready for "DRACO II" ,the second network upgrade ( from v2.* to v3.1.1 at block height 2,472,800 ) by following this guide.

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