Mainnet Address Verification

After you have generated a mainnet address, you should first verify that you have backed up the correct mnemonic words and can restore to the same address before using it to receive funds.


We recommend verifying your mnemonic words and address only on a trusted, safe and offline computer and always verify the mnemonic words before using it.

Release Binary (CLI)

Supported OS: Linux, Mac OS and Windows

Step 1. Get the Cronos PoS Chain binary

Download the Cronos PoS Chain Binary for Mainnet from release page and extract the binary. Here we used Linux as an example:

$ curl -LOJ
$ tar -zxvf chain-main_1.0.0_Linux_x86_64.tar.gz

If you are downloading the binary for other operating systems, make sure you are downloading v1.0.0 or newer versions available for mainnet.

Step 2. Recover a new key and derive the address

Run the following to restore from your saved mnemonic words. For example, you can restore a key with the name "Default" by:

$ ./chain-maind keys add Default --recover
> Enter your bip39 mnemonic
elder pony lottery motion universe comfort table matrix fly close boy rival verify virus defy permit pottery summer tilt seek trip child defense success

You can find the generated address from the mnemonics words after running the command. You can verify whether this address matches with the previous one you have generated.

- name: Default
  type: local
  address: cro1qxm5lwml3v36h4pygwnn5nfzesupg7cx8nyfkt
  pubkey: cropub1addwnpepqg95fk5grlyucrnvdu8v3h4qnhgcm03ust4yysgtvdjqnh2ytmg6syjkav6
  mnemonic: ""
  threshold: 0
  pubkeys: []

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