💫Notes on Performance

The current discourse in cryptocurrencies focuses on “maximum TPS” as the key defining performance metric, and one often finds various outlandish claims about it. For more details on why these numbers don’t matter, we recommend this article from the Nervos Network.

NOTE There are more issues with regard to “maximum TPS metrics” that are not mentioned in the article

We’ll have to eat humble pie and say that some of the existing Cronos PoS Chain materials fall into similar fallacies (despite being written with the word “aim” and intended to be seen in the potential Layer-2 context).

In the future, once the system reaches a certain maturity, we’d like to establish metrics (e.g. the 95th percentile of end-to-end transaction latency) that are more meaningful for user experience. We would try to benchmark against these metrics, ideally in diverse settings (rather than “the best case where nothing ever crashes”) and using estimated real workloads.

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